Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pavillion Kuala Lumpur Christmas 2012

Pavillion has a reddish Christmas with reindeers and carriage as Christmas theme in 2012.

A hectic place like before crowded with all kinds. 

As the center of KL city, Pavillion has the most dazzling and sparkling Christmas lights in comparison with the other.  The golden carriage will definitely grab attention and the eye-sight like you are in the dreamland. 

A kind of beauty and the beast carriage, lights and lamps are seen around the stage.

Surely will start with an open-mouth. 

Last but not least, must take this carriage with unshaved of me for this Christmas.


YeeJen said...

finally u blog... merry christmas and happy new year!

HanLun said...

hahaha.. got a lot of photo..time to post it :p