Thursday, July 26, 2007

3 types of speaking skills

When we are trying to talk, communicate with other, alternatively, we show our behavior to the other party unintentionally. Through the content of the talking, we could judge the person, and build an image for the person in the mind. There are 3 types of speaking around us. What is the meaning of 3 level of speaking?

Let us take an example, where A is talking to B. In the case that, A just know B for few months.

1st - Low level - Telling other all about yourself without thinking, even about your intimacy thinking or action. For example, everyday, A will tell what he has done, where did he go, what happening, how his gf or parent, everything to his best friend, B. In this sense, A is considered a innocent person. He told everything to B and lay his trust in B. In the good way of thinking, A would have plenty of friends, he could so easily make friends around. His friends would also like to find him. In other hand, if B is a type of person like A, they would become best friend. The cron of A type is easily to be read/understand by other people. This caused A would fall into trouble as other has known his secret and his bad or good actions. All of the fresh graduates or young kids will do so as they believe other and not protects them well. They are still lack of social experience and easily to be cheated and used.

2nd - Medium level - He would only tell generic stuffs to his friends but not his close action like "low level" ppl. This type of people, he/she is mostly work for few years and full of social experiences. He knew what type of you after you open your mouth. However, this people is not dangerous as they wont attack you and be fake of you. The problem is, you will not know deeply into them although you have know them for long time.

3rd - Dangerous/High level - He would tell you the wrong information as you will think he is same groups with you. In the sense that he is playing tricks on you. For example, A tells B he likes doreamon. B would tell A he like pokemon. In fact, B disliked all cartoons and he was leading A to a wrong way. A is being cheated and, yet believe he has found a good friend, actually it was not.

Thus, speaking skills reflected how a person thought and behavior to the partner. Hence, be aware of talking to other, should know what should tell, what should not tell, who should tell, who should not tell :) Nice day ~


Karyn said...

Very well said... But a bit sad, it seems that I belong to the "Low Level" type of person... Sigh...

HanLun said...

Hahaha.. me too.. "low level" type of person.. how ar? i also dont know wat to do

Karyn said...

I tried to become "Medium Level" type of person. But very sien 1 lo. Be friend with this type of person also very sien. So I eventually gave up.