Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pavillion Kuala Lumpur Christmas 2012

Pavillion has a reddish Christmas with reindeers and carriage as Christmas theme in 2012.

A hectic place like before crowded with all kinds. 

As the center of KL city, Pavillion has the most dazzling and sparkling Christmas lights in comparison with the other.  The golden carriage will definitely grab attention and the eye-sight like you are in the dreamland. 

A kind of beauty and the beast carriage, lights and lamps are seen around the stage.

Surely will start with an open-mouth. 

Last but not least, must take this carriage with unshaved of me for this Christmas.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


There has been long time that this blog has been abondant. Being busy of work, life, or other? Life is keep on moving, slip away even you have no idea how.

The best is I have my moment and feel back in shooting. The Happy Fun Fair has been there for at vacant car park of Queensbay for quite awhile. always think to go, but no right companion and time. However, I finally has found:)

The movement of Ferries Wheel. Quite fascinating isn't it.

This has the effect of "lightning full spin"

Monday, September 06, 2010

Bookfest Malaysia 2010

Book fest Malaysia 2010 is held from 4th to 12th Sept in KLCC conventional Hall. RM2 per entry except student below 18 yrs old (I remember undergraduates were excepted last year, but this year not). As usual, not only Chinese books are found here, English books are also discounted with respective book retailers. No matter you are book worms or amateurs, you are welcomed the most.

Please fest yourself on the photos taken :)

First target is noticed while she is focusing on her book..

Does this remind you and your brother/ sister ? :)

An activity that i like to do very much during childhood - browsing around stationary.

This should be the actor of Prince Durian,awesome.

I realise that not only i had the experience with Lessi (name of the lego), my friends around me had it too :)

The orange wrist band which costs rm2.

Cute Gemeilia miniatures catches attention of kids the much(me too..i m still kid:P) If those were pokemon, i will sure buy it :P

An arrogant little gal face off me while she notices i try to catch the shoot.

A calculator-like balloon is raised up among the crowd.

Ouu...soo tired... ermmm...

A hidden treasures among the cupboards, are you the seeker?

A bucket of knowledge

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Malones Sooka Sentral

Let's Mr Today introduce an Irish food at Malones Sooka Sentral.
It is located at the center of city - KL central where it is strategically convenience for travelers, as well as loners like myself.

In the daytime, you could taste with their authentic Irish food at their food lounge; while you could take a sip of Guinness at their bar in the midnight.
Front view of Malones with their special designed bar.

Side view of Malones in the middle of hectic lifestyle of KL Sentral.

Inner view of Malones gives a peaceful of mind at the moment of enjoying the lovely food.

A chance to gather around pools table with your friends and colleagues is a good idea especially after works.

Beef Burger. A very huge portion for a female. First thought of seeing this dish reminds me the burger at "Cafe World" (facebook cooking games).

Fish and Chips. The fish is rather fresh as you could see the texture of meat while have a cut on it.

Irish fish cake.

Chicken and Mushroom Pasta. Yes, i like cheese and milky sauce. This is the best choice for pasta liker like me :)

He said:" I eat you nowwww :)"

Colonel Sausage. Three huge sausages that you couldn't ever imagine. They are as thick as 50cent and as long as one ruler (20cm)..Gosshh..

David, he is our spokeman of Guinness.

Precious moments with colleagues of mine: HuiLing and Joanna.

The twins of BT: Cheryl and Karyn

At last, I present you the others of BT-ian. People called us as "Bian Tai" (crazy in mandarin).

All in all, Malones are suitable restaurant to have second visits or more in future. The ambient of the restaurant was quite good and the food is worth for the kind of price.

Ambient: 8/10
Food Taste: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Malones Sooka Sentral
Add: ANNEX 1&2, Sooka Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, 50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel/Fax: 03-2785 1870 / 03-2780 2062

Monday, June 07, 2010


Another experience in car model shooting session with photogMiao and the other colleagues. We came into conclusion that we would present Simon his beloved car photo as his "sampat": 38 presents.

The location was a "no-where" place because we were lost on the way to Lake Garden.

Well, it is a dream of every guys in having a nice car which shows that you've achieved certain level in your life. Not everyone has the opportunity to own this. It has to be a ton of hardship behind it.

Photo Editor_IMG_8375

He polished his car from original silver to pear-white and black top. Kinda a style.

Photo Editor_IMG_8381

Photo Editor_IMG_8394

Time to work hard for Mr.Today, else there will be no tomorrow :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Wesak Day Malaysia 2010

Ou my Buddha
Is another year of Wesak. Mr Today skipped helping up in FGS this year and joined the largest Wesak celebaration in KL Brickfield: Buddhist Maha Vihara.

Knowing that our prime minister Najib would be there in the morning, Tom and i went to there around 5 or 6. First was for the purpose of skipping the crowd, second was to witness the decorated floats at night.

Buddhist Maha Vihara

It was a sunny day, but not until around 5pm. The sky rained heavily and we were on the way to Brickfield via monorial. Keep hoping and wishing that "Ah Sky" and "Ah Dragon" would stop the rain so that the possession could be carried on later.

It was still raining one after another while we reached the temple. Instead of being affected on the unpredictable weather, the crowds and happiness of every Buddhist didn't deteriorated. Some of them bought lotus, some of them bought flowers, some of them received blessing from the monk.

Mr Today and Tom brought our hearts and wills to this meaningful day.

Wesak Day @ Buddhist Maha Vihara

Buddha Collection

The street of Brickfield was blocked few days in advance for this event. Stalls and vegetarian hawkers were being set up in both side of roads. They were mixed of Indian and Chinese hawkers along the street. Never had this scene before.

Micky Mouse

The floats started around 7. It was in time we arrived there around 5. It took times for us to shoot photo, loitering around the temple, praying, and took dinner along the side. The bad was we used two polystrene for the dinner plates. So, next time remember to bring own container :p

According to the report of News, there were about 30 floats took part in the possession. They were consisted of Buddhist society all around the Klang Valley.


Initially we didn't plan to finish whole the possession. Thinking the route was too long, departed from Brickfield to Bukit Bintang through Petaling Street, Bukit Nanas, Jalan Pudu. It was 12km long.

Buddha Float b y Buddhist Society Malaysia

We started to shoot photo on every floats at Brickfield. After that we chased the floats from the last one to the first float, just like how the fan chasing superstar from one street to another street. Without knowingly, when we managed to chase back to the first float, we were already in Bukit Bintang. Phew. It was really fast.

Buddha Float by Buddhist Society Malaysia

Along the road, devotees voluntarily provides us drinks, candles and flags. This made us feel embarrassed on ourselves if we stopped half way on the possession.

Ok la.. Then we said to ourselves that no matter how we also must finish it. Under the name of Buddha, we joined the crowds and marched back to Brickfield.

Buddha and the Pagoda

If you asked me"would u feel tired?" , I would say"not at all".
If you asked me "is your leg like wanna break after 12km", i would say"no also.. i have my new sport Oasis shoes" :P

Sleeping Buddha

If you asked me "will we join again next year", i would say "yeah. Why not. It was fun when walking in crowd"

Buddha and The Floats

When reached Brickfield, it was approaching 10 at night. It was time to say "Goodbye" to Siddharta Buddha. We returned the goodwill of whole journey to ourselves, people who need it and the world for staying peace.

Guan Yin Float from PJ